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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some little things for my shop. :)

This is one more update, on my shop. :)

I wrapped some more clay soaps to display in the shop. I put the work table and soap from yesterday's creativity splurge in the kitchen of the Glencroft. :) I may go for simple and rustic for the kitchen, as the owner of both the Glencroft and the shop is a hippie at heart. :)
Lucky Buddha watches over the counter (which still needs a cash register!) under which there are lots of beautiful pieces of pottery for the customer to choose from. :)

The Green Man hangs over the counter. I might paint him. I'm not sure yet. I do like him as unfinished, but something tells me the Green Man should be at least somewhat green. :-D

Canisters from a manorhouseminis.com grab bag. You know...I've noticed that, at first, some of the grab bag stuff didn't seem useful. But the more I look at it, I keep finding some neat uses for some of it. And the rest can be swapped, I'm sure.

This wooden piece used to hold tools, but I like it better as a candle display. I definitely need to fill it up!

Now these pieces of fabric were going to be tapestries. I consider their current location as temporary, and I haven't decided what to turn them into...I may just remove them, and use that shelf for something else.
And here's the rug that matches the one in the Glencroft (yes I do see some strings to trim). :)

Anyway, that is all for now. I am always on the lookout for unique stuff for the shop. I am always slobbering over Kat the Hat Lady's witch hats and brooms. There's a good chance I'll break down sometime and buy one or two fashionable hats. ;)

I am also looking for a decent cash register. Some of the ones I've seen look too antique-y, and I want something maybe a bit more modern, but not huge.

Anyway, I think that's it for now! And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! :)

Glencroft update.

When it rains, it pours....when it comes to blog posts, that is. :) Well, since it's technically Sunday, I am not doing two posts in one day. ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to show you where the Glencroft was in its construction. As you can see below, the roof is on, and pretty much all of the half-timbering is up. The only thing is that the outside wall next to the chimney is not timbered. That sheet from the kit was IMPOSSIBLE to take apart. I did contact Greenleaf and I hope to get a response. Anyone know if they'll sell an individual sheet. I actually got this kit from Overstock so I don't think the guarantee would cover it. Anyway....
She's looking pretty, though she needs a lot of touchups.
Ignore the white paint where it doesn't belong. I will fix that. :) Pay attention to the lovely egg chair though. Manorhouseminis.com has some *cute* inexpensive chairs. :)
Behold the giant DVD collection through the window. :) The mini collie came from an unlikely source. Smalldog.com is a computer company specializing in Macs. I bought Jason, a total Machead, a gift for his birthday from them. Well, I hadn't realized that they include little dogs with the purchase. They sent me 6 of them with my order. :-D Many of them I sent to folks on Small Stuff. I have two left. This guy and the poodle who lives upstairs. :)
The fireplace needs some touch-up. I can't wait to fill up the bookcase!

Here's the poodle. :) The dresser is from a neat shop in Maine (on Route 202, not far from the NH/ME border) that sells all kinds of used treasures. It's very Japanese to me, with rounded corners and painted flowers. The drawers do open, so I will fill them with some nice handmade clothes. :) The "rug" is a handmade napkin (I think) that I bought in Texas last March. There is a matching one in the shop now. :)
Close-up of the chest.
The bathroom. I am not sure what decor I am going for here...the Glencroft has low ceilings in many places...kinda limited for shower space.
The kitchen. Yeah, I am not sure if these walls are gonna stay white.

Well, that's it! Hopefully I soon get some motivation to put in the windows, doors, and the rest!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's been too long, but I am back!

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged in my mini blog (or any blog for that matter, though Facebook has been addictive lately.) But I've been getting very interested in my mini hobby and am back to the craft table. :)

I am participating in this year's contest for HBS, and excitedly working on some cool stuff for that. :) (If you haven't heard about it, check it out here: HBS Creatin' Contest. You have 'til December 15th! :) Jason and I have already started on our respective ideas. I can't want to see the finished results!

I was inspired to make some minis fit for selling at festivals with our bathsalts, so I tried my hand at crafting today. Below are some of the results. I decided to put together a scene of someone in the middle of wrapping homemade soap.

First, I designed a very simple work table. Skinny sticks + Michael's hutch bottom = :) .

Then I put the goodies on top. There's a mold of soap ready to be cut, four soaps ready to be wrapped and two already wrapped with really simple labels. :) I have a lot more soaps to be wrapped which will go in my shop I've blogged about earlier.

This is another project I am putting together. It's a meditation area. :) Here's a fountain (in progress) a bench for incense, candles, etc. and a nice meditation cushion. It's for all faiths and beliefs so I didn't add anything specific yet. :)

And the last thing that I put together this evening. I was cleaning up my mini mess the other day and noticed I have a lot of little items packed away. I don't have that many dollhouses (the Glencroft is *still* under construction!) and my shop has one specific purpose (as eclectic as that may be)...but I wanted a way to show them off, even if not permanently. I went to Michael's and picked up one of their sturdy decorative cardboard boxes, set it on its side (not sure where the lid might go yet) and made it into a miscellaneous shop. :) I even gave it a name: "The Chic Boutique."

This is a possible wallpaper I may use on the sides of the box, or maybe the whole thing...I haven't decided yet. I am not sure how much I am going to finish the inside as it's a temporary place for my minis, yet decorative. The minis in here will go to the shop when I finish them, to the Glencroft, or perhaps in a mini swap (if anyone's interested).
An unfinished Michael's hutch with some jars I made tonight (clear pony beads + paper fasteners) which will eventually get labels.
Another hutch with some weird bunnies that came in a grab bag, some dishes, and my chair which is broken, but you can't tell due to the little cover I made for it. (Ain't I clever?) :)
The name of the store, which you can't see...darn shadow. That door is not attached. I bought it at Earth and Tree without measuring it, silly me. It was too short for my shop...I am holding on to it, just in case, but would be happy to swap with it.

I am really excited because Jason and I might make a trip to Earth and Tree tomorrow! :)

And I've made two purchases on eBay recently:


3 books for < 15 bucks and a bunch of mini stuff for just over 20 bucks! Not bad, eh? I have plans for most of the lot of furniture. :)


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