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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mini goodies and update

I got one of those cool Manor House Minis grab bags. :) They are fun! 8 bucks for a bunch of goodies, and most of the fun is in the anticipation of the contents! :)

Anyway, here is a terrible cell phone picture. ( :( I need to get a camera that likes me).

I got Easter bunnies, piggies, a cool bedding set, a doll stand, a dish set, two fancy dishes, some shopping bags, a glass vase/light cover, and ceramic vases. The bedding set will be used as a "sheet set" in my Glencroft bedroom as I got two dark blue hand embroidered Mexican linens in Texas two weeks ago. One I will use as a blanket for the bed in the dollhouse, the other might be a tapestry... Anyway, the dish set will be divided between the shop and the Glencroft. The canister-looking things will be painted with magical symbols for the shop, and the bowls and coffee mugs will go on the hutch in the kitchen. The shopping bags and glass vase will go in the shop. Not sure how the rest of the stuff will be used but I will put them in my random mini collection for future use or swaps.

I also got another goodie from Manor House Minis:

It's an egg chair! :) Yippie! It's going to go in the Glencroft's living room. I am obviously going for an eclectic unique style for the decor. :) After getting this chair and looking at how nicely it was made, I think I may have to get one or more chairs from the collection and build a roombox scene around it. :) All mod-like. :-D

As for the Glencroft, itself, I got the half-timber on most of it. I am stuck on the left wall because sheet 13 was not completely cut the whole way through and it's a pain getting the individual pieces off of it. :( *sigh* There's always a hang-up. Oh well. (Again, sorry for the bad picture :( )


  1. I've awarded you an award over at my blog, check out the post: http://sweetbutnotsours-creations.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-first-award.html

  2. Looks Great.. I think of you everytime I walk out on my front porch and see my sisters dollhouse sittign there.



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