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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New items in the Herb Shop

Well, we have some new stock in the herb shop for the discerning seeker of rare and mystical goods. ;)

First, we have some new gazing balls, for those looking to the future for answers.

Next we have some lovely table-top stands, which one may use for small altars or for display tables for one of the gazing balls, or perhaps some statuary.

 Last, we have some pottery carved with mysterious and possibly ancient symbols.

Where I found everything:
The bases of the crystal balls (marbles) and the pottery are beads found at Michael's. They actually said "Ancient Beads" on the package and they were inexpensive. I still have quite a few more to use for other items - I see potential for lamp bases, candles, and vases.
The altar tables are some mozaic tiles I found (also at Michael's) with runelike carvings on them, and I attached some findings from my stash as a base. I did put one of the gazing balls on top and the tables proved to be pretty stable. :) I will probably make more. I can see these used for all kinds of purposes. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Better late than never! Blog award!

I am a little embarassed it took me so long to do this, but in reviewing some of my old posts on this blog, I've realized that I had received an award a while ago from Ruth at Sweetbutnotsour's Creations! (This was way back in March! yikes!) Thank you, Ruth! I love your cool Halloween finds! It's one of my very favorite times of year!!

Better late than never right?

Well, let's see. I have to list seven things I love and then pass it on to seven Kreativ Bloggers. Here are just a few of what I love:

1. Jay - my partner and my best friend. I am ever thankful for having found such an amazing man!!!

2. My family - I miss them very much; they live a few states away. I can't wait to go visit them!

3. The ocean and its inhabitants - this is not only one of my joys but also how I pay the bills - to do research in this mysterious and wonderful world. I am living my dream!

4. Hiking and nature - Just as I love to explore below the sea, I love to explore the forests and mountains. New Hampshire is great for that! The White Mountains is a very special place to me.

5. Traveling - I have been fortunate to live and to visit many places in my lifetime, and I am always ready to see more new places. I love meeting new people, seeing new wonders, and experiencing cultures unlike those of my own.

6. Music - I LOVE to listen to music, and my tastes vary widely. My favorite group is the Dave Matthews Band, but I'll listen to everything from AC/DC to Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Mozart, too. I also play the guitar on occasion. ;)

7. Miniatures - You think I'd leave this out, especially on this blog? It's becoming one of my favorite hobbies! I get to use my talents with designing, drawing, painting, and fabric arts - shrunk down to 1/12 scale. :) It's a great break from doing science all day. :-D

Now for the awardees:

1. Jay at Non-sequitur groove - Okay, I am biased. But it'll be his first award, too. ;) He's working alongside me while we do our respective projects, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Susan at Susan's Mini Homes - I love looking at the stories behind Susan's amazing vintage finds. And her writing style is super-fun to read!

3. Doreen and Doreen's Miniatures and Memoires - I love Doreen's beautiful green and white house, which she decorates for the seasons.

4. Christel at Christel Jensen - I imagine she's received several of these already, with her talent in making inviting desserts with polymer clay. I love watching her videos and learning the techniques she uses to create cute teapots!

5. Kathi at Beautiful Mini Blessings - I can't wait to see how those bookcases look when she's done! And all of the pictures of inspiring home decor is always a treat, and inspires me, too!

6. Dale at Dale's Dreams - I still love the pretty orange pillow I won from Dale in a drawing! :) And all of the other pillows and pretty things on her etsy page are such wonderful eye candy. Do check it out!

7. Sumaiya at Exotic Dolls - The dolls she makes are amazing and so very lifelike! I am in love with every single one!!!

Well, that's seven, but I enjoy reading all of your blogs and getting inspired every day! Thank you, all of you!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I started to make a tree for one of my projects. So far, I have finished the skeleton. I wanted to share this method, as I am pretty much making it up as I go.

I used a wire hanger, masking tape and wire. I shaped the hanger into a trunk and roots. I wrapped it in masking tape. Then, I took wire, cut lengths, taped them to the wire the trunk and covered those in tape. Lather, rinse, repeat. :)

This is the result:

A closeup, you can see the masking tape. I added secondary branches with the same method.

Here's an idea of scale: it's next to my herb shop and my Alison.
Next steps include: covering it with paperclay, painting it, finding/making leaves, and attaching those leaves.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shop update!

I wanted to share my updated shop. As I mentioned in my last post, I bought hat stands and I got the witch hats set up on them.

I put the drum in the little room which already had a guitar in it. I am eventually going to turn this into an herb drying room (makes sense with the stove there, now that I think of it), but for now it remains the sitting room.

The other side of the shop. Mexican tapestries are now on special on the bottom shelves. :)

I added a flower to the orange plaid hat - I think it made a difference. :)

Remember those acorn bowls I posted about a while back? I found they make great soap display bowls!

All ready for our fall customers!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New tub and some new things...

Okay, so I didn't really care too much for the bathtub before...the foamcore was too crumbly, the trim wasn't perfect, and it bowed up in the middle too much. So I went back to the drawing board, so to speak, and tried something else. See?

I used illustration board (instead of foamcore), and then covered it with pieces of masking tape after cutting out the proper shape of the board. Next, I stained the whole thing, let it dry (mostly), and then inserted the tub. Now, it is taking forever to dry, so I am going to let it sit overnight again and hopefully it will be completely ready for installation. :)

It looks as if it would be more appropriate for my Japanese-style bath. :)

And look what I got in the mail today:

They are bamboo shades for my Glencroft bathroom. I can't wait to see them in place, but I have the window trim (and other trim too) to put into place first!

I received other goodies in the mail, too. I ordered some hat stands from Manor House Minis for my shop, but I also had to get a grab bag! They pack a lot of stuff in those bags.

This time, I got some interesting stuff...

First, there is a bear dressed like a doctor (I have no idea what I am going to do with it!), some pink flowers that I might use as trim for hats or to fill flower boxes or for landscaping, a little straw hat, two shopping bags, a plate with mini food (Brie, tomatoes, and cukes?), and a little plate.

I also received a really nice bed set, which I might use for the bed I have intended for the Glencroft.

And last, some random wood pieces, a marble, a flower pot, a box of cat food, a plate stand, a little perfume set (cute!), mirrors, a creamer set, a tiny basket, books and bookends, a little plate (this is the second one I have like this), a little cake, a tiny tray, and a little dog.

And the little perfume/bath set looks right at home on the tub!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Well, I have been working on the Glencroft bathroom, and I decided to go for more of a Japanese bath effect. I am concentrating on just having a bath and accessories and leaving out a toilet and sink (one could imagine those exist elsewhere in the house, but they are just not shown). When I went to A.C. Moore, I found my perfect bathtub:

I cut out the rest from foam core and fit it inside. I am still playing with the materials and fit, but this is what I came up with tonight. Obviously I have gaps to fill (I'll use strip wood as trim), but not too bad. I might try illustration board for a better fit as this looks as if it's bowing up in the middle.
I used a bent paperclip and bulletin board tacks for the faucet and knobs, respectively. I may or not stick with these. I am open to ideas of what might work better.


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