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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Glencroft update.

When it rains, it pours....when it comes to blog posts, that is. :) Well, since it's technically Sunday, I am not doing two posts in one day. ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to show you where the Glencroft was in its construction. As you can see below, the roof is on, and pretty much all of the half-timbering is up. The only thing is that the outside wall next to the chimney is not timbered. That sheet from the kit was IMPOSSIBLE to take apart. I did contact Greenleaf and I hope to get a response. Anyone know if they'll sell an individual sheet. I actually got this kit from Overstock so I don't think the guarantee would cover it. Anyway....
She's looking pretty, though she needs a lot of touchups.
Ignore the white paint where it doesn't belong. I will fix that. :) Pay attention to the lovely egg chair though. Manorhouseminis.com has some *cute* inexpensive chairs. :)
Behold the giant DVD collection through the window. :) The mini collie came from an unlikely source. Smalldog.com is a computer company specializing in Macs. I bought Jason, a total Machead, a gift for his birthday from them. Well, I hadn't realized that they include little dogs with the purchase. They sent me 6 of them with my order. :-D Many of them I sent to folks on Small Stuff. I have two left. This guy and the poodle who lives upstairs. :)
The fireplace needs some touch-up. I can't wait to fill up the bookcase!

Here's the poodle. :) The dresser is from a neat shop in Maine (on Route 202, not far from the NH/ME border) that sells all kinds of used treasures. It's very Japanese to me, with rounded corners and painted flowers. The drawers do open, so I will fill them with some nice handmade clothes. :) The "rug" is a handmade napkin (I think) that I bought in Texas last March. There is a matching one in the shop now. :)
Close-up of the chest.
The bathroom. I am not sure what decor I am going for here...the Glencroft has low ceilings in many places...kinda limited for shower space.
The kitchen. Yeah, I am not sure if these walls are gonna stay white.

Well, that's it! Hopefully I soon get some motivation to put in the windows, doors, and the rest!!!


  1. It is nice to have you back Linda. The house is coming along very well and I love that meditation area that you are working on.

  2. I love those English Tudor houses!




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