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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plan of action: Glencroft Kitchen

As I mentioned earlier, I have yet to do the windows and doors on my Glencroft. But first, I want to touch up and redecorate the rooms, one at a time.

I am starting with the kitchen. I was looking online yesterday for some wallpaper ideas and found a few I really like. While I am not a huge fan of wallpaper in general, I did find a great wine-country style with wine labels all over it. This lead me into imagining the kitchen with richly stained wainscoting below a chair rail, with the wallpaper above.

Here is a sample of the wallpaper. I took what I found on the wallpaper website, put it in Photoshop and repeated the design. I am going to print this out on heavier paper and spray it with fixative before I hang it up.
With the lower half of the walls stained and this wallpaper on the upper half, it shouldn't look too busy. :) Here's to hoping!

Here are some 'before' pics of the kitchen (as you can see, it dreadfully needs some help, at least it's primed already!!):

Here's the wallpaper inside the kitchen. I like the neutral tones that it adds to the kitchen. My house is loud enough on the outside as it is, so I'd like to tone it down a bit in the interior. LOL
Let's see how far along I get on this today.

Oh yeah: Happy July 4th to my fellow American readers!

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