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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vermont finds

Well I promised in the previous post that I would include a few things I bought in Vermont over Memorial Day weekend. The first group of items was purchased at the Real Good Toys factory outlet in Barre, VT. Seeing RGT dollhouses in person is always a treat and one could save a lot of money on the ones they have here. The store isn't that big, and there wasn't a huge selection for accessories, but it was a pleasant visit. They have items in both 1" and 1/2" scales, including houses and furniture! There was also a Melissa and Doug section for the little ones. And they had Reutter Porcelain sets marked down. Anyway, let me show you the goods:
I bought some mini books, a Reutter Porcelain "Farmer's Brunch" set, some doorknobs, patterns and instructions for interior decorating of the RGT Simplicity house (which was marked collectable, can be used for any house, and was only 5 bucks), and some shutters for the Alison Jr. which Jay is going to turn into a haunted house.
I laid out the brunch set in the Glencroft kitchen.

Close-up of the pattern and instructions. There are two big sheets with projects on both sides.

The other items...

Anyway, we stopped in Montpelier on the way back from our trip, and I visited Rivendell Books on Main Street and found this:
It was 6.99, and one of the books on my "want list." So I was happy to find it. :)


  1. Linda, I think I have that book! :)

    Miss you dear, hope all is well with you. :)

  2. Thank you, Dale! Everything is fine. Job searching and working at my summer job have taken up a lot of time, meaning not much time, if any, has been devoted to minis.

    But I have been lurking and looking at mini eye candy lately so I am around. :) And I will have a little something to share in the next few days. :-D

  3. Cool, good to see you are still out there. :)

  4. Hi Linda, thank you for your interest in my blog :). I wish I have a store like this one where things are marked down :). O well, I am beginning to love making my own. :)

    I hope we can exchange ideas often :). Will be back to see what you have :).

  5. Welcome to my blog, Sans! :) Thank you for the kind words. I will be happy to follow your blog as well - I love what you are doing so far! :)

    (I think my favorite part of the mini hobby is making my own minis, too.)



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