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Thursday, January 12, 2012

House of Miniatures!

Who likes House of Miniatures kits?

I think I am becoming a collector! I bought my first one just a couple of months ago at Aunt Katie's Attic in Scotia, NY. She has a basket in her shop (on the second floor) that is chock-full of miniatures (of varying scales) on any given day. I always love to stop in and see what she has (plus there's a lot of life-size vintage goodies, too!).

I then discovered the wonder of shopgoodwill.com about a week ago, thanks to a friend on Facebook. I found a lot of 3 kits for very cheap and bid on them there.

So, right now I have 4 kits: Chippendale Desk, Single Low Post Bed (Chippendale), Chippendale Wing Chair, and Hepplewhite 3-Piece Dining Room Table.

Well tonight, I won 3 more on eBay (2 different auctions) for very low prices (yay!), so soon this collection will grow to 7. I've no plans for them at the moment, but I love having kits on hand in case I get the creative, need-to-build-something-now feeling and am not inclined to work on a bigger project (which happens more often than one would think). And there is a bit of pride in displaying furniture that one has made herself. :) Who knows? I might make a period-specific roombox! Or perhaps one of the dollhouse kits still in their box will become a scene with HoM furniture? We shall see! :)

Oh, I also found this useful site, if you are interested: http://www.houseofminiatures.info/hom.php

It not only lists all of the different kits out there, but includes pdfs of the instruction sheets! :)

(And HELLO to the newest readers of my blog. Just 5 more subscribers until I announce the giveway!)


  1. Thanks for the link to Goodwill. I would never think that you could find miniatures there. :D

    I hope you will have fun with your new kits. I've never made one before but I've looked at them and even purchased some on Ebay. They were a prize in one of my give-a-ways.

    My current dollhouse(s) are more modern.

    Love your blog!

  2. Me gustan mucho tus kits, ya los veremos armados.
    un abrazo

  3. It certainly looks like you are becoming a collector of HoM kits. As you haven't started building one yet, I can't ask what you think of them regarding how easy to build, how well they turn out compared to the picture on the box, what the instructions are like etc.
    The link to their catalogue is really handy, thank you - I like the fact it has the date each kit originally came out.
    Enjoy making them

  4. what great finds! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. You're blog is just wonderful! I'm a new follower now!



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