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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just wanted to drop in and mention how pleased I am with Minikitz! I ordered a few things over the weekend and my package came today - so quick! The following were part of my order: Hindu God #12 (Tara), Hindu God #18 (another Tara), and Hindu God #20 (Buddha), and the Medieval Book kit. The little statues were very detailed and look very realistic. One Tara is going in my meditation temple, and the other two statues will be in the shop. The Medieval Book (which comes with a free herbal) will also go in the shop.

I plan on ordering from this shop again - I am attracted to one of the dolls, which are inexpensive but very pretty. :) I just need to learn how to make an outfit for it when I do purchase it. I am thinking crunchy, earthy shopkeeper, so I would go with a long skirt, tank top, and long sweater (that's what I typically wear anyway). The doll I like has boots painted on, but I could cover them in material to look like little Uggs. Hehe. And she'd also probably have dreads, too. Gotta have dreads. :)

Anyway, going to go through my fabric as I am working on the temple...I am trying to find something that will look acceptable as an altar cloth. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Linda. It's always good to know someone with first hand experience with a website.

    I'm looking forward to seeing pics where your purchases go. :)



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