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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New items in the Herb Shop

Well, we have some new stock in the herb shop for the discerning seeker of rare and mystical goods. ;)

First, we have some new gazing balls, for those looking to the future for answers.

Next we have some lovely table-top stands, which one may use for small altars or for display tables for one of the gazing balls, or perhaps some statuary.

 Last, we have some pottery carved with mysterious and possibly ancient symbols.

Where I found everything:
The bases of the crystal balls (marbles) and the pottery are beads found at Michael's. They actually said "Ancient Beads" on the package and they were inexpensive. I still have quite a few more to use for other items - I see potential for lamp bases, candles, and vases.
The altar tables are some mozaic tiles I found (also at Michael's) with runelike carvings on them, and I attached some findings from my stash as a base. I did put one of the gazing balls on top and the tables proved to be pretty stable. :) I will probably make more. I can see these used for all kinds of purposes. :)

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