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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

American Girls AG Minis Box

Jazzi had asked about the reversibility of the AG Minis Box decor so I thought I'd do a special post in case anyone else wants to know.

 When you take out all of the pieces of the box, this is what is left. There are magnetic panels on each wall, the ceiling is tape-wired and magnetic, and all of the outlets are in the floor base.

I turned the floor over and noted that it had these wooden boards. As you can see, there are holes in the floor piece for access to the outlets.

I added in the ceiling and there, too, is an outlet available for any fixtures.

This is one side of the wall decor. It's not my favorite; I like the other side better.

But, first, here I want to show you that the box does come with moulding and baseboards, both of which are magnetic. In fact, the wallpaper cards have a magnet inside which allows them to stick effortlessly onto the insides of the box.

The backs of the moulding and baseboards are labeled for easy installation.

I pulled out the wallpaper cards and turned them over. This shows the reversibility of the wallpaper. I am going to go ahead and assume the other boxes in this series have the same functionality, which is nice.

With the moulding/baseboards in...

Some accessories. As mentioned before, the only things that came with this box were the lamps. Everything else are items I have in my collection.

Currently, this box is being displayed in the bathroom linen closet. It's the only place where there's room at the moment. There's no adapter for this kit so I can't light it up at the moment, but my electronics-savvy fiance is going to figure something out for it. :-D

Hope this was helpful!


  1. I like the wallpaper; it's original.
    Bye Faby

  2. Die Tapete ist wirklich der Hammer, passt alles richtig schön zusammen :-)
    Bentje + Berrit

  3. You're very welcome, Jazzi! I hope it was informative!



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