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Friday, July 6, 2012

Vermont haul :)

So, I promised a post about my trip to Vermont and what I picked up at the Real Good Toys Summer Clearance Sale in their factory outlet store in Barre, VT. Well, here it is!

One of the bigger things I picked up was this neat room box. The wallpaper, ceiling, and flooring can be removed and are also reversible! And the whole thing is electrified! Unfortunately this one didn't come with a cable, but Jason has some expertise in electronics so he's going to figure out what we need so we don't get the wrong polarity...

Now, the box came with the orange and blue lamps. The baskets, vases and table were purchased separately at the Outlet store. While there, I also picked up some tiny books, doorknobs for the historical society, and some gifts for friends an family (early Christmas shopping FTW!). I can't show pics of the gifts, because I think some of the recipients read my blog. ;)

The shelves below were bought at an antique shop on Route 7 somewhere north of Rutland. I wish I remembered the name of the place because it had some other dollhouse furniture too!

Now you may be wondering who manufactured this awesome little box? Well...

...that "AG" stands for American Girls! One of the women who works at RGT told me that American Girls did a short-lived1/12 scale line, but I guess it never took off? Here's a link about the series, and apparently some electronic pieces were defective. We'll see about this one. There's also some stuff from AG Minis on eBay. Lots of mod stuff, too, if you're interested.

I think these were demo kits that they had in their warehouse. They even threw in the drawer for free!

Here's a close-up of the lamps:

We also stopped at a couple of other places on the way home. One was a great little bookstore called Monroe St. Books, also on Route 7. I picked up three PA Dutch books and two dollhouse books there.

And one more place we stopped was Camelot Village just west of Bennington, VT. OMG. This place is awesome. Both my fiance and I have passed it going to and from NH on our trips to see each other when we lived apart and wanted to stop. But we *finally* visited, even though the shop was only open for about another half hour. We did a quick breeze-through. I found some dollhouse furniture, but we definitely didn't see everything. This place is really big and if you like crafts and antiques it's definitely worth the stop if you find yourself in this area! On the way out the door, I noticed a dollhouse in the window, but they were closing so I didn't go back in. Next time... :)

Here's what I did pick up - table and chair set and a bag of marbles (for etsy stuff):

So...that's it for now. It was a great weekend trip. :) Hopefully more etsy and other updates soon!


  1. How beautiful purchases! I like the second lamp.
    Bye Faby

  2. Great haul Linda..I would like to know more about how the AG roombox is reversible?

  3. Jazzi, you can take the wallpaper, flooring and ceilings out and switch them around where they have a different design. Perhaps I will show that on a future blog entry. :)



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