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Friday, November 2, 2012

I've finished the bed!

The bed I was working on the other day is all done and dressed. I am really pleased with the color. I painted it with Martha Stewart Crafts Lake Fog mixed with the same brand Antiquing Medium. It turned out great! I made the box spring and mattress, pillow covers and dressings. I love how it turned out! This bed kit was awesome and it was so much fun to make - easy, too! I wish Daisy House hadn't gone out of business, but if I see more of their kits, I am going to snatch them up! I put this bed in the Glencroft and it's *perfect* there! That's where it will stay. The brass bed was nice, but this is a much better look for this room, I think. :) Now I have to figure out what to do with the brass bed, whether I want to keep it or not. :)

Anyway, on with the pics!

Closeup of the footboard. As you can see, I added some lovely embossed paper to both the headboard and footboard as I built the bed.

Close-up of the pillows! :) I love the fine lace detail.

At home in the Glencroft bedroom. I added Dale's Dreams' pillows which were on the old bed, as well as the cute pajamas I won from Little House at Pine Haven a while back. :) Oh, and of course the teddy bear! :) I really think this fits nicely in this eclectically decorated room.

Home sweet home!


  1. Looks lovely Linda! That teal colour is one of my favourites. :) Those pillows are beautiful too, I'd love some in real life size!


  2. Hallo Linda,

    Wat een mooi bed heb je gemaakt. Staat gezellig op je zolderkamer. De beer en pyjama op het bed vind ik ook erg leuk.

    Fijn weekend en groeten,


  3. It's a wonderful bed. I like the cover and colors.
    Bye Faby

  4. Very nice Linda and the bear looks good on the bed also.
    April Gill
    Wildwood Dollhouse

  5. I like the green embossed paper :)


  6. The bed is so pretty - the paper inserts really set it off and the other details make it special. Thanks for joining my blog, it led me to yours and I can see that I'll have a lot of fun just looking at your lovely minis.

  7. I love that bed. It looks so comfy. Most dollhouse size beds don't look comfy at all, but I could fall asleep in yours. If I could fit. ;)



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