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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Say hi to Pam!

Well, I think I found a resident for the Glencroft. Pam arrived today (from California!) thanks to a kind seller on eBay. I saw her (perhaps through Small Stuff? I can't remember...) and thought she kinda resembled the character Pam (played by Jenna Fischer) from one of my favorite shows, The Office. Maybe just a little. Anyway here she is!

She arrived in New York without any clothes (oops?) so I am getting her outfitted and trying my best at designing clothes for her. This is my first time trying to make realistic doll clothing for an actual doll (don't tell her that) so this will be interesting. For now I have outfitted her in a slip and a tube top.

 She did come with her shoes, though! They're so pretty!

So I have sorted through my fabrics and picked out a few favorites...

I am going for modern (with some retro flair - like this awesome dress!). There are quite a few options here, but I am looking at the stripes...

...or the blue floral print. Both would be super cute! So, I am going to learn how to design a dress pattern and make a dress. Might be good practice as I really want to make my own clothes sometime soon! (My sewing machine and I have a real hot/cold relationship...I love it when it behaves, but occasionally it rebels. I am sure it's due to user error, though. I'm still learning the ropes!)

Anyway, what do you think..stripes (navy blue, they are on the left in the above picture) or the blue floral?

I am excited to get her dressed so she can "meet" Oscar, Esmerelda, and Stanley. I'll document her visit to the herbal shop, the historical society, and finally her move-in to the Glencroft! I can't wait!


  1. Hello Linda,
    Pam is lovely. I really like the striped fabric. If your sewing machine misbehaves, I have read about many miniaturists who glue clothes together. I have never tried so I cannot suggest one way or the other.
    I look forward to seeing Pam all dolled up.
    Big hug,

  2. Ciao Linda, mi piace Pam la trovo bella e con l'espressione simpatica!Mi unisco a Giac dicendo che puoi aiutarti con la colla se la macchina da cucire non ti va e...buon lavoro! Un abbraccio, Manu

  3. Hi Linda,
    The doll is lovely and I love those shoes! I like the floral print.

    I use a combination of HAND sewing and gluing (Aileene's or Beacon) for doll clothes. I have found the sewing machine is wonderful for full-sized clothes, but does not do well with stuff for the little people.

    Do you know who made the doll? Lucky you!

    1. Hi Iris,

      I love Beacon's Fabri-Tac. That's what I ended up using on MOST of her clothes (I'll be posting an update soon). The doll was made from a Teresa Glisson mold and painted by Jan Hughes (who sold me the doll via eBay!)


  4. Pam is a beautiful lady. I'm curious to see her dressed.
    Greetings, Faby



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