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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Landscaping the Herb Shop

Well, I was feeling crafty today and decided to take some time after work to go to Hobby Lobby and look around for inspiration. I picked up some mini shells and Paper Clay. But I had a plan in my mind to finish the sidewalk to the herb shop...and that's what I did tonight.


With the sidewalk I previously made:

The sidewalk was okay but it wasn't really doing anything for me. So last night I looked up pictures of stone gardens and found some pictures of flagstones laid along a gravel path, kinda like the 4th picture from the bottom on this website. So  I thought that would look cool in front of the herb shop.

So this is what I did....

I took some paperclay and made some round stones - I actually made 5 of these of varying shapes and sizes. Then I painted them with acrylic paints in brown, transparent red oxide and bits of white. I also added some very small pieces of model railroad shrubbery as pieces of moss in the stone.

Above, I was waiting for glue to dry, so in the meantime, I hung my "Herbs" sign I got at Earth N' Tree.

I really want to make a shop sign for the herb shop and will add that someday (hopefully soon!).  Anyway, once the flagstones were glued down, I laid down some Tacky Glue in areas around and between the stones where I wanted the path to cover. Then I sprinkled these awesome little black stones I found at A.C. Moore a while back. Here's the result:

I am pretty pleased with the result! I plan to add a lot of plants and flowers to this scene, but  I am finally happy with the sidewalk. Currently, I have coffee grounds drying in the oven for soil. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I have been consulting my copy of Frieda Gray's Making Miniature Gardens for ideas. We have a ton of tissue paper left over from Christmas, so those may become flowers soon! :)


  1. Great stone sidewalk, and that dog is so cute!

  2. Thanks! I actually got that dog when my boyfriend ordered from Small Dog Electronics (http://www.smalldog.com/). They send tiny toy dogs with every order!!! :)

  3. I loved the sidewalk and the little vegetation.

  4. Oh I love it, and the dog is so cute! XD

  5. The sidewalk is great and the little dog is very cute!

  6. A great makeover, those black stones are spectacular!


  7. The stones are fantastic. I like the little dog.
    Bye Faby



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