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Monday, February 27, 2012

Room box = light box?

My goal for an unspecified amount of time (ha!) is to post everyday about something in this blog. It keeps me on my toes. Let's see how long it lasts.

So today I pulled out the small room box kit I bought from the RGT Outlet Sale sometime last fall. It's one of these: http://www.realgoodtoys.com/store/productview/110938//QuickBuild_Small_Display_Box

I was playing around with the construction and put it together without glue and realized that it would make a great light box for photographing minis and crafts! If you leave the "ceiling" off or replace the sides with columns and thin tissue paper, you could really replicate some of the ones found on this quickie Google image search.

I had no real plans for this roombox, except I didn't want to pass up the bargain, so I snatched it. Jason bought an extra small version and I am looking forward to see what he'll do with his. :)

Here's a pic I took tonight:

I can just picture different kinds of flooring and wallpaper for each scene in here, can't you? :)


  1. Nice blog..
    u have a great touch..

    Regards from India,

  2. Wonderful idea. It makes a great light box.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Wszystko wygląda świetnie. Fantastyczna jest ta półeczka - kotek. Uściski!

  4. Warning....danger ahead...post everyday and a blog ends up owning your life and/or the quality of the blog content suffers.



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