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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Canterbury Day 3

Here are the pics promised from my previous post. This is what the house looked like before I worked on it today:

Today I added the rest of the roof and put together the tower. I am going to glue it on later tonight and  hopefully add those pictures either later tonight or tomorrow. :) It's coming along real nice.

This kit comes with pieces to make furniture, too. I am not going to use that furniture for this build, but I've punched out all of the pieces and put them in individual little ziploc bags in case I could use them for a later project.

Compared to the Glencroft, this kit is coming together pretty quickly. It is my second Greenleaf build, but it is smaller, with fewer pieces. I have had some issues with some pieces not fitting together perfectly, but I think my plans for finishing will fix those. :)

Stay tuned. :)

(PS: We have 45 followers on Linda's Minis on facebook. We just need 5 more "likes" before I announce the giveaway!)

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