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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So...what's going on this summer? (Only somewhat mini-related)

Summer 2012 is going to be an interesting (and busy) one...

For my day job, I need to write, write, write and maybe run some experiments. I am going to head into my office when we get back to figure all of that stuff out. I also have to move out of my current office by August.

As for this hobby, I hope to get a lot of work done. I have the historical society to build (small house, though, so it should be quick - maybe). I also want to make significant progress with my etsy shops (both Linda's Minis and Peacecrafted Products, the latter which still needs product). Hopefully there will be multiple giveaways, maybe a swap (who's interested?), and some other fun promotions. :)

In the kitchen, I finally have a pressure canner (or I will when I pick up the one I ordered) and I want to preserve lots of goodies from the farmer's market. I also want to cook and bake healthier food and eat less takeout. I do love Pinterest, since I have found some wonderful recipes there.

I am also joining a gym. No excuses.

And of course there's travel. My research site in NH will probably be visited the most, but I hope to get out to some new undiscovered places too. :)

Oh yeah, and I should probably start planning my wedding... ;) We haven't picked a date yet, but I want to make our special day super-special. :)

Now that I've written this, I realize now how much I want to do this summer! At least I know it won't be boring! I am excited for it!

What are your plans for this summer (or winter, if you're down under)?



  1. Hi Linda...I will do a swap with you if you like! My winter plans are to finish my study by end of July eek!

  2. Quanti progetti!!!! E auguri per il matrimonio e tutti i suoi preparativi!
    A me piacerebbe molto fare uno swap!
    Un abbraccio.



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