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Monday, June 11, 2012

Historical Society Tour

Alright, just got back from a seriously thorough and challenging workout at the gym. *phew* Waiting for dinner so I can share some things with you now. :)

I took some pics of the historical society, so here's a little tour. First of all, this little historical society is set in Amish Country in Pennsylvania. There will be lots of historical stuff in here that deals with the Civil War, Amish and PA Dutch culture.

First, here's the whole thing in my little corner of the living room. (I have a favorite side of the couch, and my fiance has his favorite side of the couch...).

 This is the first room you would walk into when you entered. You can see I have some touchups, but there was also a push toward making this house a little imperfect since it's supposed to be old. I am also going to add a writing desk (kit by Daisy House) in here for the curator (Stanley, who's standing on the porch above). I am also considering purchasing a dress form to make a PA Dutch or Amish cape dress for display in this room.

Hey, it's Honest Abe! And he appears to be glancing over at the PA Dutch trivet hanging on the wall.

The thing on the left is a wooden nickel I found at an antique shop in Cambridge, NY. I couldn't resist. The owner gave me a great deal on this and some tin types. The distelfink on the right came from a brochure I picked up at a rest stop in PA for the Kutztown Folk Festival. I cut out the design and mod-podged it onto a wooden disk.

The design above the door came from the same brochure. This time I mod-podged it under an acrylic square so it looks like a quilted piece under glass.

Okay this is the other room on the ground floor. This is the research room. There is a computer on the desk and I will be adding a screen to it soon. You can kinda see the barrister bookcase on the left side. I filled it with some generic books for now, but will be adding handmade ones soon. The aforementioned tintypes are on the wall on either side of the desk. On the left is a lady (it's too big for any of the frames I currently have; going to have to make one. On the right...

...is a gentleman's picture that I framed. You can see the detail in the crown moulding at the top of the room here. I bought it in the wood aisle at Michael's.

The upstairs in the Canterbury house is very small, as you can see below. I am using it for "storage" and it's nice because I have a lot of "antique" miniatures in my collection which look great up here. 

Closeup of the Lincoln chest and chair in the background.

The other small room. I want to fill this up with more stuff. The rug is a fabric I found in the scrapbook paper section of Michael's It's perfect as a worn-looking carpet.

As I said, I still have touch-ups and lots of details to add, but I am glad I finished the building part. Decorating and detailing is my favorite part. :)

Here are some other pics from my collection:


  1. Thanks for the tour. It is looking great. I love the mod-podged items and I really must try some myself.



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