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Sunday, October 21, 2012

*Blows dust off the keyboard and starts typing...*

Well it certainly has been a while since I updated this blog! The semester affords me little time for creating art, and certainly even less time for writing about creating. Yikes! I have managed to catch up this past week, though, and even had some time that I took to relax at my desk to make some things. Many of these ended up on Etsy, so check there for some brand new crystal ball designs, a witch hat, and a new knitting basket! :) (Here's the link.)

I have also spent a little time today making curtains for my Glencroft dollhouse! I have been debating about what type of curtains to make and how to install them and today I found a nice, easy method involving barbeque skewers and wooden pony beads to do so.

Here's the living room:

 Hmmm, those pics make the curtains look uneven, but I swear the panels are the same length! Really! :)

I also made a small sheer panel for the bedroom:

(By the way, the material from both curtains came from free samples I received in the mail from Smith + Noble. They have a very wide selection of home decor and window treatments...I recommend their site.)

As you can see (from comparing the last post's pics to the above), I changed the bedroom around a bit. I like the more open layout. :)

Yesterday, I made some lovely new crystal balls (as I mentioned earlier). I made one that I just love and can't bring myself to put on Etsy so I put it in the Glencroft. :)

You can see it just beyond the little metal box. The base of the ball is a metal acorn cap. :) Love it!

I hope I will have more things to post soon, especially for the holidays! I do want to welcome all of my new followers and I am keeping an eye on both this blog and Linda's Minis on facebook to prepare for a giveaway when I hit the next milestone on either (200 here, 100 on facebook). So stay tuned!


  1. So adorable!! If I hit the lottery I want you to design my house :)

  2. You got it, sis! My inner interior designer is pleased with this arrangement. :-D

  3. The title of this blog entry made me laugh out loud. I know the feeling, real life hassle often gets in the way. I hope you find the time to relax and enjoy your miniature making again.

    If I tilt those curtain pics a little they look absolutely even!

  4. These rooms are wonderful. I like the colors and the furniture.
    Bye Faby



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