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Saturday, October 27, 2012


I made a fireplace today! Originally I had the intention of finishing a couple wooden fireplaces I picked up to put on Etsy, but this one...well I really like it, and don't have the heart to sell it. At the moment, I have no project that it belongs to, but it's a great prop for Etsy photos to display items. :)

Anyway, here it is:

I painted the mantle to look like marble. This was my first attempt at this art form, but I am pleased with it! (I learned how to do this by watching Youtube videos!)

This is a picture of what the fireplace looked like before I finished it and after. :) 

I do have another unfinished mantle, and might make one to sell. I could also do a custom one if someone out there really likes this. :)

Hope everyone is having a good Halloween! Here on the east coast of the US, we are "battening down the hatches" to prepare for Hurricane Sandy. I live in the part of NY that will get less rain, but may still be in risk of a power outage or flooding in parts of the area. Hope everyone stays safe!


  1. Great job on that marble painting, it looks so real. I hope you all stay safe out there and hope Sandy will vanish soon. Take care!

  2. Hope Sandy won't cause any damage - great job on the mantle, your marble painting looks fantastic.


  3. Your fireplace is fantastic!
    Bye Faby



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