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Thursday, March 28, 2013

New project revamp, fun mail, and some banners

Hi all!

I have been wanting to update, but have had little time to do so. But I have some time now and want to share a few things with you. :)

First, I have been inspired to do a springy, happy scene lately (blame it on the cabin fever) and have been digging some cute owl pillows that I bought from Whimsy Cottage on Etsy. These are SO cute and I have yet to put them together. Maybe later tonight when I park myself in front of something on Netflix. :)

Anyway, the owls and my current musical fascination (okay, obsession) have led me to make a roombox dedicated to the great band Canned Heat. They are well-known for the song "On the Road Again" and "Going Up the Country" but are so much more than that (here are just a few examples). I am currently reading a biography about Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, who was the musical scholar and creative force behind the band (though not to discount the talent in the other members) as well as the voice you hear in both of their hit songs. Okay, before this turns into a blog post about Canned Heat, I am going to quickly show you some pics! :-p

I was going to build a room box for the idea I had when I realized I already had one that would be perfect: the AG Minis roombox I picked up for an amazing price at the Real Good Toys Warehouse Outlet Sale last year (and blogged about here and here)!

Here is what it looks like now. I am going to be making some changes soon, but I wanted to share what I have now (because sharing is fun!):
This is the room so far. It's a bit frilly with the white wire furniture, but it really gives a retro vibe to it. I think I am going to put more posters on the walls.

These charms are from Hobby Lobby and are super-cute.

This is an old frame I've had in my stash for a while and finally decided to fill it with a picture of the band that I printed out on cardstock. (From front to back: Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, Bob "The Bear" Hite, Henry "The Sunflower" Vestine, Larry "The Mole" Taylor, and Adolpho "Fito" de la Parra.)

I made these miniature albums and covered them in plastic to look more realistic.

Some baskets and a little chest charm that actually opens adds a little detail to the white wire shelf. I'll probably change this around quite a bit.

These fabric covered buttons are really cute. I bought them on clearance at Michael's craft store and they make nice little 1/12th scale throw pillows. Once I make up the owl pillows, though, I think I will remove these and use them for something else.

One more album sitting on the bottom shelf. :)

I plan on building a miniature turntable and stereo which will be in the corner where that wooden chest is. I'd like it to actually play music wirelessly from my phone, so I am going to play around with that idea.

The other thing I wanted to share was some lovely mail I received from Monika at PuNo's Minis! We had been involved in a lovely swap several months ago and she sent me a lovely surprise card for Easter with some cute little treats: a tiny chocolate bar and a little Easter book! I love them both! Thank you, Monika!

Finally, I wanted to share these little silk banners in my stash. I found them at a cool antique shop in Vermont and I thought I would use them for something. One is for Norway and the other for Peru. I haven't been finding any use for them and wanted to see if anyone here would have a use for them before I find something to do with them.

First come, first served. If you only want one, that's fine. Just post a comment below saying that you're interested and in which one if you just want one. We'll work out shipping details via email. :)

If I don't hear from anyone here who wants the banners by April 15th,  I'll likely find a place for them somewhere. :)

Here's a pic showing both:
(Note: That white sticker was the price tag on the plastic bag and are not on the actual banners.)


  1. I like your modern room.
    Beautiful gifts from Monika.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. Congratulations Linda! You are the winner of our March give a way! Hugs,

    1. Thank you, Felma! How exciting! I will contact you ASAP. :)



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