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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glencroft Day 4

I worked on the Glencroft during the evening, and finished the beams. I also painted the fireplace wall on both floors. Also, I put the bay window in on the right side.

I will have a lot of touch-up to do, but I am glad most of the painting is done. Some of the beams were difficult to shove into the slots, but I made them fit. *ahem* The camera really brings out some discoloration you can't really see with the naked eye, or at least with the lighting in my living room...it actually looks a bit cleaner than in these photos. Oh well. It's like standing in the dressing room of a department store under fluorescent lights. Every flaw is illuminated. Yuck.

Next, I will be tackling the roof!

Anyway, here are those photos...


  1. Lookin' good, love! It's been fun watching your progress.

  2. Your house is so much more complicated than mine was. In some ways I am sorry that I did not take pictures during construction (I was not a miniaturist then) but mostly I am glad because there are always some flaws in construction that are not seen when the house is complete. Paint and decorating hides a lot ;)



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