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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Well, Jason and I decided to clean house today. I've had a lot of craft stuff all over the dining room table and through the living room, and it was time to get it all organized. Clear plastic shoeboxes are my best friend, as I used these to sort and store all my mini/dollhouse supplies. :) The Glencroft-in-progress is also placed next to the Herb Shop (still needs a name!) on the hope chest while it's not being built.

Here's a glimpse into our life today. :)

Organized minis and building supplies!

The Glencroft-in-progress next to the Shop.

Oh my, it looks like we have customers!
Jan Pu is entertaining the kitty as a catgirl...

...while Yasuna and Ayuki came all the way from Japan (and still in their school uniforms!) to shop for items of interest! :)

That's it for now! I plan to do some planning for another mini project I'd like to start in the near future. After the Glencroft is done, of course. ;)


  1. Aren't those plastic boxes great? They stack so nicely and you can see what is in them. I love your herb shop and those girls are really nice.

  2. Hi Doreen,

    Yes, I love those boxes. :) The little dolls, though not quite the right scale, were little figures I found at a local comic shop. :)

  3. "Here's a glimpse into our life today. :)

    Organized minis and building supplies!"

    Wow, your life looks a lot like mine! Plastic bin on plastic bin on plastic bin... :) (Have you noticed that miniaturists tend to be people who like "organizing"?!)



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