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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another new addition!

So, it seems as if when I post lately, I have an awesome new addition to my dollhouse collection. Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint, so I will share with you my brand new Alison/Petite Dreams. I don't know which it is. It is the reverse of the RGT Alison, but is identical to the Petite Dreams house, and I suppose it could be either. Perhaps I can solve this mystery with your help - if not today, then maybe when I post more pics in the future when I begin to rehab it.

Here she is:

Oh, and guess how much I paid for her? Go ahead, guess!

You done guessing?

She was F-R-E-E!!! That's right! My labmate and friend, Helen, saw the dollhouse at a yard sale, where it was being given away (for what reason, I have no idea!) and thought of me and picked it up! I swear that I did ask if she wanted to keep it, but she gave it to me! :-D I am a lucky friend!

The dollhouse is BIG! I am going to keep her the same color, but there are many changes I will make to her inside and out. As you can see right away, there are shutters missing, but I do not care that much for the shutters anyway, so I may order brand new ones from HBS or pick some up at Earth and Tree (I need a reason to go there anyway!)

The roof doesn't match up perfectly with the exterior left wall, so I will do something about that. Most likely, I will just paint it to match the shingles as I don't want to crack anything.

When wiping down the inside of the house, I ended up tearing off the felt used for carpet. I am going to either paper or repaint the walls and put down some real floorboards and tile.

I may also replace the front door, and I am definitely going to install stairs (there are none, but holes where there should be.
And I thought the Glencroft dwarfed my shop!!

Speaking of the Glencroft, you might be wondering where she is. Well, Jay and I did some cleaning and decluttering this week and got rid of the old futon in the spare room. Turns out, that freed up a lot of space. We have an old massage table we never use (but should! lol) and I put the Glencroft and the general store on that. :) It's basically my workshop area now (minus the stuffed animals, which really make this look like a little kid's playroom - LOL).

The area beneath the table provides a lot of room for storage. Below are the boxes for what remains of the Glencroft pieces, and for the Canterbury House (which I am putting off on building til I get my other projects done!)


  1. Hermosa casa. Y el destino ha sido cuando repararlo usted será una maravilla. felicidades

  2. Pretty cool to get that wonderful house for Free - how lucky is that! I hope you have fun with it.

  3. Wow are you a lucky duck. FREE!!!! What a deal. You now have enough projects to keep you going for years. You will never get bored.

  4. I just saw this post. Your house is definitely the Petite Dreams house. It came prefinished on the exterior with those shutters. I have one that I built from the kit. You're right that it's the reverse of the RGT Allison.



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