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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New finds in NH

I went to Mt. Washington today with Jay and his family, who is visiting from PA. On the way up to the White Mountains, on Route 16, is a great Southwestern shop called Kokopelli Inc. It has all kinds of jewelry, art, and western wear, and of course, lots of Kokopellis. It was an unlikely place to find minis, but, with imagination, and the happy realization that I need more Native American items in my shop, I sought out the perfect pieces while everyone else shopped around.

This is what I found: a woven trivet made by a native Mexican tribe, a tiny drum, and a wooden Kokopelli. The trivet is PERFECT as a rug in my shop. And I need more instruments, too.

Here is the result: the drum is placed on the counter, and you can see the rug fitting perfectly in the space.

And Kokopelli has been placed by the door.
I love finding stuff like this. I was talking to one of the salesladies at the shop about my hobby and she was very excited about my finds and what I plan to use them for. She also told me about a possible dollhouse miniatures shop on NH 28 on the way to Wolfeboro from 16. I have to check that out!

Meanwhile, on the second floor of the Alison, Ayuka waits for me to finish renovating the house so she can move in...well, she'll be waiting a long time, and I haven't promised her anything. lol
She's unaware that just above her head, there seems to be a small matter with giant lizards colonizing the house...we'll need to address that issue.


  1. LOL, Jay. Would YOU like to live in a house with Giant Lizards standing on top of it - no wait, I have to remember who I'm asking. LOL Of course you would. :-p

  2. Those are some great finds and I think they fit perfectly with your shop.



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