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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chaise Lounge a la Linda

So, when I bought a copy of the May 2009 American Miniaturist at my local miniature shop (an hour is local?!), I found a project I have been meaning to try: the chaise lounge.

So, here is the result of that venture (not too bad for the first time!):

The pillow is made by Dale's Dreams. Dale's Etsy shop, where you can find ADORABLE pillows like that one can be found here. I had some super cute, perfectly matching, tiny orange plaid fabric that came in a grab bag of scraps that I bought at a local fabric store a while back when I was into quilting. I think the chaise lounge might end up in either the living room or in the front yard of the Glencroft.

Meanwhile, I have been making big plans for the Glencroft's bathroom. I decided to go with a Japanese style bath room with just a shower area and the deep bath. I am foregoing the toilet and sink as one could imagine that it is in another room not represented. So I've been putting together materials for it, including two bamboo shades I found on eBay. I picked up a box from AC Moore last night that would be perfect for the bath and I am going to build a platform and a step that I will sink the tub into; this will be built out of foamcore. I hope to get started on this project this weekend, so we shall see...

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