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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Well, I have been working on the Glencroft bathroom, and I decided to go for more of a Japanese bath effect. I am concentrating on just having a bath and accessories and leaving out a toilet and sink (one could imagine those exist elsewhere in the house, but they are just not shown). When I went to A.C. Moore, I found my perfect bathtub:

I cut out the rest from foam core and fit it inside. I am still playing with the materials and fit, but this is what I came up with tonight. Obviously I have gaps to fill (I'll use strip wood as trim), but not too bad. I might try illustration board for a better fit as this looks as if it's bowing up in the middle.
I used a bent paperclip and bulletin board tacks for the faucet and knobs, respectively. I may or not stick with these. I am open to ideas of what might work better.

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  1. Clever ideas. I found my "bath tub" when I went to throw away the box for my cell phone. I'm learning not to throw anything away!



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