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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Better late than never! Blog award!

I am a little embarassed it took me so long to do this, but in reviewing some of my old posts on this blog, I've realized that I had received an award a while ago from Ruth at Sweetbutnotsour's Creations! (This was way back in March! yikes!) Thank you, Ruth! I love your cool Halloween finds! It's one of my very favorite times of year!!

Better late than never right?

Well, let's see. I have to list seven things I love and then pass it on to seven Kreativ Bloggers. Here are just a few of what I love:

1. Jay - my partner and my best friend. I am ever thankful for having found such an amazing man!!!

2. My family - I miss them very much; they live a few states away. I can't wait to go visit them!

3. The ocean and its inhabitants - this is not only one of my joys but also how I pay the bills - to do research in this mysterious and wonderful world. I am living my dream!

4. Hiking and nature - Just as I love to explore below the sea, I love to explore the forests and mountains. New Hampshire is great for that! The White Mountains is a very special place to me.

5. Traveling - I have been fortunate to live and to visit many places in my lifetime, and I am always ready to see more new places. I love meeting new people, seeing new wonders, and experiencing cultures unlike those of my own.

6. Music - I LOVE to listen to music, and my tastes vary widely. My favorite group is the Dave Matthews Band, but I'll listen to everything from AC/DC to Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Mozart, too. I also play the guitar on occasion. ;)

7. Miniatures - You think I'd leave this out, especially on this blog? It's becoming one of my favorite hobbies! I get to use my talents with designing, drawing, painting, and fabric arts - shrunk down to 1/12 scale. :) It's a great break from doing science all day. :-D

Now for the awardees:

1. Jay at Non-sequitur groove - Okay, I am biased. But it'll be his first award, too. ;) He's working alongside me while we do our respective projects, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Susan at Susan's Mini Homes - I love looking at the stories behind Susan's amazing vintage finds. And her writing style is super-fun to read!

3. Doreen and Doreen's Miniatures and Memoires - I love Doreen's beautiful green and white house, which she decorates for the seasons.

4. Christel at Christel Jensen - I imagine she's received several of these already, with her talent in making inviting desserts with polymer clay. I love watching her videos and learning the techniques she uses to create cute teapots!

5. Kathi at Beautiful Mini Blessings - I can't wait to see how those bookcases look when she's done! And all of the pictures of inspiring home decor is always a treat, and inspires me, too!

6. Dale at Dale's Dreams - I still love the pretty orange pillow I won from Dale in a drawing! :) And all of the other pillows and pretty things on her etsy page are such wonderful eye candy. Do check it out!

7. Sumaiya at Exotic Dolls - The dolls she makes are amazing and so very lifelike! I am in love with every single one!!!

Well, that's seven, but I enjoy reading all of your blogs and getting inspired every day! Thank you, all of you!


  1. Thank you so much Linda for thinking of me for this award. Yes I did receive it awhile ago but it was so nice to recieve again and to see your seven things that you love. I also love hiking and nature although most of my hiking days are now over - I just take walks along the beach now. And of course miniatures is my favorite past-time.

  2. Dear Linda,
    Thank you so much for the award. My dolls say they love you back!
    Sumaiya :)

  3. Linda, Thank you for the award. While I am flattered that you have thought of me, I don't have time to participate or reciprocate.

    I'm sorry! :(

  4. Hi Dale,

    No worries!




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