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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Desk goodies and more!

I was in New Hampshire again today and stopped in at Earth N Tree. It's a great reward for all of the traveling and the field work (which is the reason I go to NH in the first place). I bought some goodies, which I will be sharing as I work on each of the rooms. :)

Tonight I did some work on the desk in the bedroom and added some details, including a trash can with trash. :) I am loving how it turned out.

The Japan magazine, passport, postcards and airline tickets, as well as the typewriter, came from Earth N Tree. I painted the typewriter and added the paper. I made the notebook from cardstock, printer paper, masking tape (colored in with black marker), and a rub-on embellishment.  I want to add pencils, envelopes and a few other details soon. The trash can is a thimble decoupaged with sheer ribbon. I cut off the tip of a finger of a disposable glove to make the plastic liner. I cut out the Doritos "bag" from a newspaper ad and decoupaged it onto a piece of plastic packaging, then crumpled it up. I also added some crumpled pieces of paper and an opened "letter."  

Getting the mail today was also very exciting. I ordered from dale's dreams a couple of days ago and received my order when I got back in town today! She's quick!! And she threw in some lovely goodies in addition to the beautiful pillows I ordered. :) I love her stuff and I recommend that you check out her etsy shop (poke the link above) if you are looking for decor for your dollhouse. Her pillows are lovely. :) See for yourself:

Hope everyone is having a lovely day and are feeling inspired! I am sure there's more to come soon. :)


  1. Excellent work...!!

    kind regards,

  2. The waste basket is very cute. I use cut fingers of plastic gloves to fill with candies for a candy shop. All your purchases are great.

  3. Enhorabuena por esas fantasticas compras.
    besitos ascension

  4. Veramente geniale l'idea di fare il secchio con il ditale e il guanto tagliato!

  5. Wonderful desk I love what you have done to it. The wastepaper basket is great. Beautiful cushions.
    Hugs Maria



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