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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some progress in shingling...

Snow day today so I worked from home, then spent some time researching for inspiration and doing some crafty stuff. I have taken the momentum I've been feeling lately and pulled the Glencroft out of the bedroom and continued with the shingling. I didn't get too terribly far, but I made progress. I want to get this part DONE so I can decorate the house and display it. (And to move on to other things, too!)

I also set up another scene in the roombox which was a lot of fun. Here are some pics. :)


  1. Its pretty cool...
    I think Some flowers will add more beauty..

    Regards from India,

  2. It's a wonderful work! I really liked the shelf and small decorative objects and books. The chair is the best!

  3. Very cool. I love the little bead vase. I used to have that chair (and the matching sofa and twin chair) and sold them in a moment of madness. Regret is a terrible thing...

  4. I love the little room, it's so cute!
    I really like the shelving unit and the chair!!

  5. Una escena preciosa, me encanta ese sillon y esa estanteria con tantos fantasticos detalles.
    besitos ascension

  6. Witam! Wszystko wygląda pięknie a fotel jest genialny. Uściski!

  7. How wonderful. I love your little sofa chair and the rest of the setup.



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