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Monday, March 5, 2012

Shingling done...and more progress

Today was a trying day, but I came home to Jay waiting in the car to take me out for a nice dinner.That made things better.

When I got home I attacked the Glencroft with stain, varnish, paint and then decided to start the chimney. Why not? So here are some pictures from that experience. I probably won't get to do anything with it again until Wednesday (at the soonest) since I am working late tomorrow, but I am happy since I got further than I planned today.

The stained (and varnished) shingles:

 Below is the top of the chimney. I added bricks to the middle section, and some paperclay to the chimney section below the bricks and above the roofline. Then, I took mortar and spread it over all of the top of the chimney (except for the very top). I took a wet cloth and removed the mortar from the bricks' surfaces and then let the rest dry. Once it dried, I went over it with white acrylic paint. And now it has a cool stucco effect.

The bottom of the chimney is in progress. I am adding bricks in patches, then I am going to fill in the rest with paperclay, and add mortar as I did above. I will paint over the mortar-covered paperclay with the white paint so it looks as if the bricks have been partially stuccoed-over.

Can't wait to finish!! All I have left is the front door....

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