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Friday, March 30, 2012

A few small things... :)

Well it's Friday and I am at home enjoying some creative time, watching shows on Netflix and churning out some minis. I've stopped at the craft store recently and got some good stuff. :)

#1: I found some watch faces on clearance and bought one to hang in the Glencroft.I painted the edges with enamel paint, and soon will hang it on the wall...either in the living room or kitchen.

And yes, you're looking through a magnifying lens there, which is part of my brand new Ott Lite. :-D Michael's had them for 40% off so I picked up the LED magnifying lamp. PERFECT for minis!!

It has interchangeable lenses and the gooseneck piece can be clipped onto a surface.

I also picked up some Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. I am trying it out to see how it works in place of resin so I can make mini drinks and foods that have liquid (stews, etc.).

I made a little cup of coffee by mixing the Dimensional Magic with acrylic paint. I am still waiting for it to set.

I also made another screen...I think I am getting a method down. :)

And last, I started on a rose kit. I made my first rose Wednesday night. It took a while to get the first one done, but I like how it looks.
 That's all for now. I am just waiting for the announcement of the Greenleaf Spring Fling to see what cool stuff they've cooked up for this contest. I do love the additions so far!


  1. Very nice pieces Linda. I wanted one of thosse Ott lights at Christmas but they were too expensive here. Love your folding screen..and the rose...well done! Whats' the Greenleaf Spring Fling?

  2. Tutto molto bello...ma la rosa! E' così bella e delicata che viene proprio da avvicinarla al naso per sentirne l'odore!

  3. Your rose is beautiful I love your screen. Your magnifying lamp looks great wish I had one.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Beautiful minis. The rose is so delicate!
    Bye Faby

  5. Jazzi, the Spring Fling is an annual contest from the Greenleaf Dollhouse company (they made the Glencroft kit I've been chronicling in this blog). They provide a kit that is usually pretty inexpensive and you can turn it into whatever you want, basically and send in photos of the kit to GL. Grand Prize winners get a heft gift certificate to the company AND gets to name the new kit used for the contest! Here's there website: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/, blog which has Spring Fling updates: http://www.dollhouse-kits.com/category/dollhouse-news/, and their forum which is pretty active and pretty awesome: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/index.php.



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