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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Furnishing and decorating the Glencroft

Here are pictures of the interior of the Glencroft. There's a lot more to add (e.g., a sink in the bathroom), but I like how it's coming together. :)

Living room - the pillows on the couch just came in the mail today from miniatures.com - they had a 50% sale a couple days ago for their Modern Mini Design line. I couldn't resist these as they were the *perfect* color scheme. The coffee table is Bespaq and came from a wonderful little shop in Salisbury, Massachusetts called Divided House gifts. The black couch and armchair were obtained from a second-hand shop in Peterborough, New Hampshire called Murray's Home Again.

Clearly, I need to stock the shelves a little better in the kitchen, but that will happen little by little. What is there is a  little tray of food from Reutter Porcelain and a Key Lime Pie I made from Sculpey.

A wine rack sits on the fridge and needs to be filled! There is a wine country theme to this kitchen (the wallpaper is all wine labels), so I have a few more things to add for the theme including a wine tray I will make from a kit.

This toilet came today from Miniatures.com, too. The lid and seat lift up, too! I wasn't going to make this a full bath, but I decided to include a toilet and a sink (which I am going to build from scratch to match the Japanese-style bathtub in the background).

I love this screen, but I am not sure if it's going to stay here. The sink is going to go against the wall where the screen is now.

The wall decorations are beads from the craft store. The tiny cat shelf came from Earth and Tree in Amherst, NH.

As you can see, I still need to put on the front door! It's a little drafty in there! I am going to clean my own house first and put the Glencroft on display in the foyer. Then I am going to make the door and attach it soon - maybe tomorrow? We'll see. :) But I am excited with getting this done. Now I can work on all of the tiny details... :)


  1. Le tue minis sono bellissime, molto, molto realistiche!
    Un abbraccio, Eleonora

  2. A very lovely interior. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. It really looks lovely and cosy so far... it can easily be imagined how fine it will look after you added all those little details that make a house a home... Great job!


  4. A beautiful interior. I like the screen and the cat on the bed.
    Bye Faby

  5. Your house is beautiful. I love the fireplace in the sitting room. The screen and sofa are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  6. The house is looking wonderful. I love the cat on the bed--so cute!

  7. Una casita preciosa.
    besitos ascension

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