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Monday, March 26, 2012

Organization and new light!

I have given a tip on how to use those Tim Holtz Configurations boxes in this post. I found mine at a Tuesday Morning for about 5 bucks, and still have most of the boxes left. So, I cleaned out my mini drawers to see what I had left after filling up the Glencroft. I decided to store them in the boxes so I could see immediately what I have. I'll likely go back to Tuesday morning and see if they have any more of these at some point, because I am not completely done organizing my minis.

Here's what I do have so far:
I think it's good for inspiration as I can see what I have at a glance, and maybe get inspired to use some of the objects in there.

I also had the problem of misplacing tools around my work area, so I went to Target and bought a toolbox for 5.00 and put all of tools in there: clamps, EZ cutter, saws, stylus, glues, sandpapers, etc. This way, when I travel, I can still bring my tools to work on minis!

In other news, a battery-operated light I ordered from HBS.com came today. I really like these as I can have light in my unwired Glencroft. I am planning on learning how to wire my next project (which might be the Greenleaf Spring Fling project, depending on what the kit turns out to be).

Here's the light which goes well in the kitchen:

 These lights are quite convenient, not terribly expensive, and they add a touch of realism to the rooms. Now that I know these fit well in the house, I'll have to choose styles for the other rooms. :)


  1. Trovo anche io che la luce sia perfetta, e davvero, da quel tocco di realismo in più! Beata te che riesci ad essere così ordinata!!! Io ho sempre tutto in disordine!

  2. I found some of these boxes as well- they are just too perfect!

  3. Hi! Just found your Beautiful blog!

    The light looks verry fine and warm!



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